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Vibration Training at the Athletic Conditioning Center

A cutting edge approach to athletic conditioning

In the world of high performance athletic conditioning, strength coaches continually look for advantages in training methods to give their athletes the edge on the competition. While vibration has been widely studied due to its common occupational occurrences, it has more recently been investigated as a possible ergogenic aid for athletes in both performance and training environments. The Athletic Conditioning Center uses three vibration platforms in a variety of methods to enhance the conditioning of their elite athletes.

The application of vibration to the human body can result in a number of physiological and neurological reactions. Research has shown that exposure to vibration can lead to acute increases in post-vibration power output, improved hormonal profiles, increased muscle EMG, and improvements in maximal strength. In addition, heightened nervous system activation and alterations to the proprioceptive system are noticed after an athlete has been exposed to vibration.

As the only facility in Ottawa to utilize the benefits of vibration training, our athletes have realized superior gains in strength and power. While research has not established standard vibration protocols, the strength coaches at the ACC have had success using the platforms for warm-up, strength and power training, and recovery. Static and dynamic squats, calf raises, and straight legged dead lifting are common actions used as both pre- training warm-up, and as part of a complex in strength and power exercises. To assist in recovery, vibration increases blood flow to the muscles as it can have a massage like effect. At the heart of vibration training is its effects on warm-up and recovery. Improved warm-up results in a more effective and intense training session, while the recovery abilities of vibration, speed the regeneration and resynthesis of damaged muscle to help the body adapt and prepare for further training.

Vibration training is a cutting edge method of athletic conditioning that can be found only at Ottawa’s “ Athletic Conditioning Center”. To take your training to the next level, try incorporating vibration into your training plan.

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