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The Optimum Protein Supplement For Performance and Immune System Function

As the owner of the Athletic Conditioning Center, and having been an NHL strength coach since 1987, I have been bombarded with offers to market and support many nutritional supplements over the years. A week does not go by where I receive an email or a phone call to try the latest and greatest product on the market. All of these products usually come with the promise “being the best” or “best tasting”, or “optimal absorption”. The claims are many, but the results are generally lacking.

As a professional, when I am developing new programs for my athletes I refer to the most up to date research. This insures that the program will be cutting edge, and will result in the necessary changes I need for my athletes to perform at a high level. This is the premise behind the programs and coaching at the ACC, which has resulted in sports success for literally thousands of athletes. The same thought and research also goes into our decision to support a specific nutritional supplement.

With the above in mind, I am pleased to announce that a product developed by a Canadian company, Immunotec, called HMS 90 is the preferred high quality protein that I recommend for my clients.

The following provides some background information on HMS 90:

HMS 90® is a pharmaceutical-grade milk serum protein isolate that produces a sustained delivery of cystine to the cells via normal metabolic pathways.

By providing cystine, HMS 90® allows the cells to synthesize and replenish their glutathione stores without adverse or toxic effects.

HMS 90 ® is specially prepared by a proprietary method so as to retain its "biological activity."

In a double-blind clinical study, lymphocyte glutathione values increased by 35.5% using HMS 90 ® (p .01) with no increase in control subjects fed casein. Additionally, muscular performance (measuring Peak Power and 30-sec Work Capacity) increased by 13% (p .02).2

Source: Adapted from L.C. Lands, V.L. Grey, and A.A. Smountas. Effect of supplementation with cysteine donor on muscular performance. J Appl Ph. 1999 Oct,87(4):138-5.

What does HMS 90 ® do?

HMS 90 ® is a safe way to boost your energy and support your immune system. It helps address many of the major challenges associated with cancer, lung disease, and HIV/AIDS, namely, tiredness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, breathlessness, pressure sores, oxidative stress, immune deficiency, and wasting.

Is HMS 90 ® toxic or harmful?

NO. HMS 90 ® has no proven or known toxicity. It has less than 1% lactose. We recommend that persons who have a milk protein allergy or those who have had an organ transplant consult a physician before taking HMS 90 ®.

Can I take HMS 90 ® with nutritional supplements and prescribed medicines?

YES. HMS 90 ® is not known to affect adversely any other prescribed medicines or nutritional supplements such as Ensure, Boost, or Juven. In fact, HMS 90 ® will add missing ingredients that are vital to your health and immune system.

How much HMS 90 ® should I take?

A suggested daily dose is 1-3 packets (20-50 grams), depending on your needs.

How do I take HMS 90 ®?

HMS 90 ® should be mixed with two to three teaspoons of plain yogurt. The yogurt will help protect the protein from the acidity in the stomach while it is being absorbed. However, HMS 90 ® can be mixed with water, juice, any dairy product, or any other room temperature liquid of your choice. Use a small jar and 2 ounces of liquid to mix HMS 90 ®.

As you can see there has been much research and development put into this product, making it unique in an industry of false claims about their products. The other impressive point that caught my attention was that the U.S. Physician Desk Reference, which is the bible for all doctors in the U.S. includes HMS and describes how it can raise glutathione levels in the body.

If this is not enough to convince you about the potential health benefits of HMS 90, then have a look at this document with over 20 excellent research abstracts on the benefits of increased cysteine, and glutathione for the body.

HMS 90 is a product that everyone can benefit from, athletes, weekend warriors, and non active adults. This product is not available in stores at a retail level. It must be purchased from authorized distributors. You can purchase HMS 90 directly from our Immunotec web site here >>

This will take you directly to our Immunocal web site. Here you can safely purchase the product and have it shipped directly to your door. You will also have the option of regular direct ship program to ensure that your supply of HMS 90 does not run out.

If you have any direct questions about HMS 90 please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 613-225-2806.

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