Off-Ice Hockey Training

Since 1998 the ACC has been a leader in many facets of off ice hockey training. The ACC was the first dedicated facility in Ottawa for sports training, and since the ACC owner Lorne Goldenberg was one of the original strength and conditioning coaches for hockey in the NHL, it was natural that many of Ottawa's best players have gravitated to the ACC. Back then players such as Gary Roberts, Joe Neuwendyk, Joe Sakic and Jason York were regulars at the ACC, today you will see such players as Zach Bogosian, Daniel Briere, and Daniel Alfredsson making sure they are doing everything they need to, to stay on top of their game.

The ACC is not just for the NHL player, but we cater to those individuals who want to get better through safe, progressive, scientifically based strength and conditioning programs for hockey that will utilize such techniques as:

  • Corrective strength training exercises for movement biomechanics
  • Olympic style weight lifting for hockey
  • Plyometrics and agility for hockey
  • Dedicated warm up and cool down before every training session
  • Energy system training for hockey using progressive systems

Our hockey players come from all levels and abilities. You may not be a NHL pro but we will give you all the appropriate training for you to get to that next level, whether that is AA, AAA, the OHL, NCAA or just to be ready for a fun season of house league.

Have a read of some excellent article by Coach Goldenberg off the ACC Blog (live link) on training different facets of hockey development:

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Off Ice Hockey Training Speed
Off Ice Hockey Training Speed
Off Ice Hockey Training Speed