Training Options at the ACC

  1. Individualized Programs
  2. Sports Specific Group Training
  3. Team Testing and Training
  4. Take Away Program
  5. Athletic Evaluation
  6. ACC Football Training
  7. Fitness Testing

The ACC has the program to suit your specific need. Whether you are looking for an off-ice training program for hockey, a strength program for football, a need to increase your speed or explosive power, or maybe you have been suffering with a weakness that has limited your fitness performance. The ACC has the program for you. As an individual athlete we will put you through our performance evaluation to detect any issues with your strength, power, speed, mobility, stability, and flexibility. From here we will devise a program based on your individual weakness to ensure your improvements will take you to the next level in your sport.

If you are a team seeking off-ice hockey training, football training, soccer training, or any sport that requires fitness, strength and conditioning, or speed improvement, we have a number of team testing and training sessions available. In the event you cannot get into the ACC but still would like to benefit from the ACC evaluation and programs, we have the "Take Away Program Option" You will need to come into the ACC for your evaluation and from that we will build your personalized strength and conditioning program. We will coach you through it to ensure you understand the technique of every exercise, so you will feel comfortable in your own gym.

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