Individualized Programs

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Individualized programs will be developed based on our specific performance evaluation.   Results are used to create a program that is more specific to your needs.  Training for the individual program will vary from 3-6 days per week depending on the cycle.
>> $1600 + hst for 3 months  + $300 for monthly renewals

aTrain directly with Lorne Goldenberg

Coach Goldenberg will be taking on 12 clients to work directly this summer in small groups of 4 athletes. Training will be 3-6 days per week depending on the training cycles. Coach Goldenberg alternates his time each week between Gary Roberts High Performance Training in Toronto and the ACC. He is in Toronto 4 days every second week. Supervision will be provided by one of the ACC elite coaches while he is away. Each athlete will receive individualized programs based on Coach Goldenberg’s performance evaluation.
Pre-workout Biosteel sports supplement to ensure blood level amino acid levels are optimal.
>> Cost for the summer $4,000 + HST.

Athletes have the option of receiving one soft tissue treatment session per week with Dr. Duane Smith. The treatment will ensure tendons, ligaments and fascia system are kept operating at an optimal level. Hard training, like playing your sport will have a tendency to break the body down, these treatments will ensure you are fine tuned throughout the summer. All of coach Goldenberg’s NHL clients receive this on a weekly basis through the NHL season. Extra cost $1,000 + hst for the summer. 

REGISTER NOW: Please print the registration form here, complete the information, sign it, and bring it into the ACC with your payment.