Garry Roberts High Performane Training

Coach Goldenberg’s connection with Gary Roberts goes all the way back to 1985 when Roberts was coming off a Memorial Cup season with the Ottawa 67’s, and Goldenberg had secured his first OHL job with the 67’s.

Back then Roberts became a first round draft pick of the Calgary Flames 10th overall, and as the story goes, Roberts failed his fitness tests at his first NHL training camp. The following summer he connected with Goldenberg who prepared him for his second camp, where Roberts impressed everyone. He made the team that year which was the start of 20+ years in pro hockey.

During his playing time Gary became known as one of the top conditioned athletes in the NHL. His training regiment and dedication to nutrition set the level for many of todays NHL stars.

In retirement Gary has taken his passion for training and turned it into Gary Roberts High Performance Training. Located in the Fitness Institute in Toronto. Coach Goldenberg has teamed up with Gary to continue their long relationship in bringing a high quality evaluation system and program design to Gary’s clients.

Goldenberg spends alternate weeks at the Roberts training facilitiy, helping him coach such star players as Steven Stamkos, Jeff Skinner, James Neal and Steven Weiss just to name a few.
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Goldenberg & Roberts 2005 Florida Panther Training. First Time On The Same Team. Goldenberg and Roberts in Flames Dressing Room 1989 Stanley Cup