ACC Football Training

Try out our football program for one week at no charge and see why the ACC is a leader in Strength & Conditioning for all sports. Many CIS, high school, and pro players such as Mike McCullough Saskatchewan Rough Riders have benefited from our program.

Like hockey, the ACC has had some of the Ottawa area's top football players train with us over the years including:

  • Corey Grant - Sask Rough Riders
  • Shawn Gifford - Toronto Argonauts
  • Mike McCullough - Sask Rough Riders
  • Scott Gordon - Sask Rough Riders
  • Pat Woodcock - Montreal Allouettes/Washington Redskins
  • Donnie Ruiz - Ottawa Renegades/Sask Roughriders
  • Gilles Lezi - Calgary Stampeders
  • JF Roy - Ottawa Renegades
  • Leonard Semajuste - Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  • Dexter Ross - Winnipeg Blue Bombers<
  • Kevin Gagnon - Toronto Argonauts
  • 2008 & 2009 University of Ottawa Gee Gee's
  • John Delahunt - Conneticut
  • Steven Hughes - Gee Gee's
  • Taylor Kuprowski - Mcgill Redmen
  • Matt Lapointe - Queen Gaels

“Since turning pro in 2003, I have trained every off season under coach Goldenberg, his programs and expertise has kept me at the top of my game”. Mike McCullough #45 MLB Saskatchewan Rough Riders