BioSteel Sports HPSD®

BioSteel sports supplements high performance sports drink® is an electrolyte and amino acid replacement drink formulated to meet the needs of elite drug-free athletes worldwide.

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“From a quality standpoint, no other products on the market can touch biosteel. Matt Nichol, the Biosteel formulator is a genius. Being a pro strength coach, Matt knew what was missing from the big manufacturers. He took his time and researched the market and created a product that you not only want, but need to have if you are want optimal results.”
              - Coach Goldenberg -

Is a unique proprietary formula designed to:

  1. Promote recovery between periods of intense exercise, providing faster recovery between shifts/plays/sets/workouts
  2. Reduce muscle damage and decrease muscle soreness after intense exercise.
  3. Enhance energy while decreasing muscular and mental fatigue, without the use of harmful stimulants

BioSteel Sports Supplements® is the only choice for drug-free athletes looking for the highest quality nutritional supplements. It is the only product of its kind that is independently screened by a WADA approved lab and guaranteed to contain no traces of any banned substances.

BioSteel HPSD® contains only the highest quality amino acids and electrolytes in precise amounts and ratios supported by scientific research and testing. BioSteel HPSD® has been used safely and effectively by both children and adults.

With zero carbs and zero grams of sugar BioSteel HPSD® has been used successfully by Type I and Type II diabetics to enhance mental energy and focus and delay muscular fatigue, without fluctuations in blood sugar.

Mike Cammalleri introduced me to Biosteel in late 2009.  It became the sport drink of choice that helped us reach the conference final in 2010.  Bottom line is it works!  Lorne Goldenberg Strength Coach Montreal Canadiens