NHL.COM video clip of Coach Goldenberg with Gary Roberts & Steven Stamkos, at Roberts High Performance Training Centre Toronto.

“We never utilize exercises for our athletes that compromise their abilities or which might put them at risk. Too often I see coaches pushing young athletes through drills and exercises that are inappropriate for their fitness level, just to impress them with something they may have seen on the internet. This will never happen at the ACC. We create programs based on science and sport biomechanics. We don’t follow trends, we set them”

     - Lorne Goldenberg BPE, CSCS, CEP President

ACC Football Training

The ACC has a strong tradition of off season strength and conditioning for football.  Check out some of the CFLer's and College kids who have become bigger, stronger and faster for the gridiron at the ACC.

Strength Training Workouts

Our strength training workouts were developed by professional and experienced strength & conditioning coaches.  They have been designed to get optimal function out of your body, so you can perform on the ice or the field.  Find out why Lorne Goldenberg has been called one of the most successful coaches in sports performance training.  Whether its off-ice training for hockey, training for football, developing speed and power for soccer, or quickness for basketball www.accottawa.com is where you want to be.  If you are weekend athlete seeking to develop total body strength or you're just looking for a weight loss fitness program to get you lean and fit, the ACC has a program for you. Contact us today and ask one of our coaches about what we can do to help you achieve your desired athletic and physical fitness goals.

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As an author of Strength Ball Training and a contributor to many published books & articles, Coach Goldenberg has some well grounded opinions on the science of strength and conditioning for sport  Although his focus has been off ice training for hockey, some of the topics he touches on included: Exercise Technique, Serious Faults With Circuit Training, Pre-Game Warm Up, and Nutrition.